Mars learned TM46! (Marine Day)- Mars/Karin


Upon Mega Evolution, the spindly and rangy build of the Houndoom gained incredible power. While the canine remained slender, his lean muscles became far more pronounced, as well as incredibly well-defined. This improvement was not just for show—the sturdily-structured Mega Houndoom was capable of carrying Karin, Mars, and Mars’s Flaffy, while still maintaining the speed of a racehorse.

The Dark Pokémon reached the edge of the hilltop that the Tower of Mastery stood upon. In truth, the land beneath the property was that of a steep-sided island, only connected to Shalour City’s coast by a lengthy sandbar. From the hilltop’s edge, one could overlook the entirety of the vast frontal garden, right up to the massive surrounding walls and the only entrance (which was along the front wall, of course) to the property. However, the walls were of such a height that nothing could be seen over them, even from the hilltop. As for the entrance, one could only see out of it when at the ground level of the property, due to the hill’s steepness.

Without a hint of hesitation, Kuroma barreled down the steep hillside, leaving the trailing guards well out of sight. Karin, adopting a biker’s crouch, rode the Houndoom as one would ride a motorcycle. Her hands firmly gripped his horns, as if they were throttle grips, while her feet rested upon his curved outer-backbone extensions, like foot pegs.

Feeling how tense the redhead was, Karin silently wondered what could bring such a naive girl to join an evil organization. She most certainly lacked the criminal experience that Karin had—but then again, nearly all of the Victory Road Online players did.

The vast majority of players whom joined the teams had been law-abiding civilians, up until the log-out button’s disappearance. Their reasons for joining varied. Some pined for “safety in numbers”, some took up the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality, some were following their loved ones, some were coerced or even forced, some had become too jaded to function in proper society, etc.

When the grunt asked about her plan, Karin remained expressionless, but was relieved nevertheless. So long as she could control the situation, the burglar was quite certain that she could get them out of this mess.

“Until the guards reach the edge of the hilltop, they won’t be able to see us. However, by the time they reach it, we’ll already be off of the premises. They’ll have to split up their search, because they won’t be able to tell whether we got away or hid somewhere in this giant grove. Though a few may end up patrolling the town, for the most part, they’ll give up. Especially since we didn’t even get away with anything,” said Karin, publicizing her resentment with the last statement.

As Karin had predicted, the guard posted at the entrance was absent—he or she was likely dealing with the rest of Mar’s squad. Karin craned her neck around as they came within strides of the entrance. She smirked—as expected, not a single guard had managed to reach the hilltop’s edge.

Though the entrance to the Tower of Mastery and the sandbar’s Marine Day festivities were only a few dozen meters apart, the cover of darkness concealed the fleeing criminals. Upon passing through the entrance, Karin significantly tightened her grip upon the Mega Houndoom’s left horn. This immediately directed Kuroma, mid-stride, to careen around the left corner of the entrance. They moved westwards on a barren, narrow beach, which ran alongside the island’s outer wall. As Kuroma ran, he dragged his tail back and forth across the ground, erasing any paw prints he left behind. Upon reaching two huge boulders, Kuroma leaped over them, not even breaking his stride. During the leap, Karin faintly pulled back on Kuroma’s horns. This led the Pokémon to skid to a halt upon landing.

The boulders exceeded seven feet in height. Between the darkness, the wall, and the aforementioned boulders, the fugitives and their Pokémon were entirely obscured from view. Their location was directly across from Shalour City’s cliff-side. Looking eastwards (the direction from which the four had just fled), one could clearly see the Marine Day festivities, which covered the entirety of the beach and its sandbar extension.

  Wow! Mars was amazed by Karin, her ability to solve this, her attitude towards the situation. Mars, on the other hand, only managed to almost kill them. An idea pops into her head, but she rather push it down until it is appropriate. Karin, the Elite Four member. Someone of her caliber and she’s committing crime. What could have caused her to turn out like this?

 ”Hey, Karin. I know that I was trying to be tough and everything but I just wanted to say that since they already know that people are gonna try to steal it and they’re most likely gonna relocate the object….”   Mars stops for a second. “I’d like to make it up to you. We can go enjoy the festivities and I’ll pay for anything you want. But I’d also like for you to teach me.” 

  Mars could already feel Karin turning her down. “It’s just that you were really cool out there and I have goals I wanna reach. People that I care about and I feel like I can’t do anything. Team Galactic’s instructors are great but you, you’re better…”  Before Karin answered Mars said something once again. 

"If you teach me I’ll guarantee your safety once I become commander. Just teach me how to be a thief." 

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OOC- Headcanon Family ties.

Mars’ father was an astronomer and he used to own a telescope. Her favorite thing to watch was the planet Mars while her sister enjoyed Venus. 

Mars learned TM46! (Marine Day)- Mars/Karin


Karin’s gamble paid off—as long as it took, Mars accepted her request and sent out a Pokémon (Flaffy). The first turn of the battle went to Karin, as her Houndoom had the superior speed, simply given his far higher level.

With her right hand, Karin flipped the hair falling over her right shoulder to her back, unveiling a spectacular brooch pinned over her heart. The mounting, made of pure obsidian, protectively fixed a strange stone in place. The marble-like peculiarity was mostly rainbow, with a black, striped wave at its center. As she brought her right hand back from shifting her hair, she placed the tips two of its fingers (the index finger and the middle finger) onto the stone.

The stone glowed brightly, before releasing a burst of powerful rainbow energy. A black stone with a red-and-black wave at its center, fixed within an obsidian ring on Kuroma’s tail, glowed and emitted energy in unison with Karin’s stone (though the energy of Kuroma’s stone was of an entirely red color) .

The next moment, both stones discharged several lightning-like bolts (Karin’s bolts being golden, and Kuroma’s being red), which seemed as attracted to each other as the opposite polls of two magnets. They met each other halfway between their two sources (Karin and Kuroma) and connected, becoming a bright white wavelength.

“Kuroma!” Karin shouted, throwing her arm forward in a directing manner. The moment she did so, the untamed wavelength circuited itself entirely around Kuroma, while the energy released from Karin’s stone became a sparkling, bright radiance. “Mega Evolve!”

Upon Karin’s completion of the command, the energy surrounding Kuroma became even brighter. The Houndoom’s entire body seemed to change its state of matter, becoming a bright red plasma, with a blurred structure and minimally defined details. The mass of energy grew upwards and shifted significantly in form. All of the sudden, the energy dissipated from both parties, leaving behind only a breeze. The Pokémon left standing before Karin and Mars was no longer Houndoom, but rather, its Mega Evolution—Mega Houndoom

Though all had seemed finished, only a second later, the glowing, rainbow symbol of Mega Evolution (the same as the black pattern contained within Karin’s Key Stone) appeared before Kuroma. In a tremendous burst of energy that sent a gust in all directions, the symbol vanished, just as quickly as it had appeared.

The entire process had only taken about twenty seconds, but within that timeframe, the guards had been able to climb back down to the ground floor of the Tower of Mastery—Karin could tell, as they had just entered her range of hearing. Karin returned Mari to her Pokéball and mounted Kuroma, leaving enough room for someone to mount behind her. “Get on and hold on, quickly!” she shouted to Mars.

  Mars does as she is told and mounts what she believes to be another version of Houndoom. Flaaffy does the same and hops onto Mars’ back. She’s heard of it, Mega Evolution, but never seen it before. The Houndoom she is on seems much more powerful than the other pokemon she saw earlier. They’re the same Mon’. 

Houndoom’s fur feels warm to the touch and Mars begins to feel nervous. She begins wondering where Bob and Jim are. They wouldn’t kill them, not now during the festivities where everyone would notice, so they must be being held prisoners. The Houndoom begins to move.

  Crap, Mars. What if this woman not only steals items but kidnaps people.What did I get myself into? I should have gone and left her to take care of the guards by herself. I’m too young  to be a slave. Does human trafficking exist in VRO? I bet it does. Mars begins crying inside her head while keeping the straightest face she can attempt at the moment, but she still seems nervous. 

Inside her head: 

Calm down and count to 10. 12345678910! That was slow enough. I’ve had my ten seconds of losing my shit. Inside her mind she imagines herself slapping another sad looking Mars and telling her to get it together. 

"So…" She says, now truly calm. "What’s your plan?" 

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Mars learned TM46! (Marine Day)- Mars/Karin


Karin’s light steel blue eyes seemed to become colder and more narrow as the redhead’s threats continuously rolled out. The most irritating part was that, while Mars possibly overestimated herself and her current companions, she was right about Karin facing Team Galactic as a whole. It was likely that she could beat any given member individually. Hell, she could probably take on several at a time. But a swarm-style ambush? That could put her in trouble. As a fellow criminal, she knew that they would pull out all of the stops to take her out, even if they were not playing “fairly”.

Before Karin could repsond to the redhead with some very coarse language, the latter brought up a strange database of information, without making any attempt to hide it. The bluenette made a mental note of the archive system, satisfied with having reverse-blackmail material on Team Galactic. Hopefully the grunt, for her own sake, was wiser than to try anything individually. Mari could shred that damned balloon she hid behind and take out her throat in an instant.

Despite the fact that Karin was wearing an eyemask, the remarkably advanced technology managed to identify her and her status, much to her surprised chagrin. However, she did get a smirk out of the ordeal, as the grunt was too lowly to obtain any other information on her. While Mars seemed to cover her embarrassment with a snide question, Karin chose not to answer, in a manner similar to pleading the fifth. Mentally, however, she had a pretty decent comeback: A better question would be, “since when does the Elite Four employ criminals?” After all, Mars had the wrong idea: Karin had not fallen into crime; rather, she was a criminal from the get-go.

The next moment, the rumbling of some eerily sober guards (A second shift? Reinforcements?) reached Karin’s ears. The redhead changed her tune, offering to guide Karin out of the building. As if a bumbling grunt knew a damn thing about how to ditch a botched burglary! “Listen here, bi—” Karin began to snap coldly, intending to say that she could take care of herself. She was cut off, however, by Mars dragging her through a strange chain of events. At some point, Mari had jumped onto Karin’s back and dug her claws in, also resigning herself to the madness.

After being pulled off of the balcony by Mars and having her fall broken by Drifloon, Karin had ended up behind a large rock. Mari retracted her claws (which had caused Karin no pain, given the game’s sensory filters) and slid onto the ground. Initially, in response to the redhead, the bluenette could only titter beneath her breath. She was unable to verbally express just how difficult the girl had made things. Deciding not to even waste time trying, she shook her head. “Fighting’s for robbers. I’ll get us out of this, but you have to go along with it. No time for explanations.” Indeed, while partnerships were not Karin’s thing, desperate times called for desperate measures.

With that, she opened her menu and retrieved her Houndoom’s Pokéball. “Go, Kuroma!” she called out, tossing the Pokéball as she did so. The Dark Pokémon appeared accordingly, looking towards Karin and lashing his tail with impatient anticipation.

Wasting no time, Karin quickly operated her menu, causing a pop-up to appear before Mars.

⌈KARIN would like to 1 VS 1 battle!⌋

Karin met Mar’s crimson gaze, hoping she would hurry and accept. The burglar knew that she (herself) was not a very trustworthy figure, and that Mars had every right to decline. In fact, in most situations, not trusting Karin would be the best course of action possible. However, even though that had been obvious much earlier, Mars had still tried to save her. The elite four member was gambling both of their lives on that naivety, hoping that the redhead would throw some more of that good will in a bad direction.

  A screen appeared in front of Mars. A battle? This isn’t what I meant what is she up to? Confused she decides to trust her. Besides Karin was forced to trust Mars, she certainly took a leap of faith. 

Mars accepts her battle invitation. She is too confused on what Pokemon to choose, she returns Drifloon to his pokeball as he isn’t a fighter and woudn’t last with an Elite Trainer. The lights and commotion make it hard to think. Light! 

"Go, Flaaffy!" The wool pokemon comes out making fists and ready for battle. Most of the times Flaaffy comes out is for battling and she loves to win. Of course, Mars doesn’t believe any of these Pokemon were really feeling this. They were just data but she keeps getting attached to them.  

"Okay, whatever your plan is, I’m ready." 

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Mars learned TM46! (Marine Day)- Mars/Karin


Employees who get stuck with the holiday shift will inevitably gather together, slack off, and drink their bitterness away—it was practically a law of science, as guaranteed as any of Newton’s: the Law of Holiday Workers. Karin had known this even as a scrappy teen, and had manipulated the fact in more than a few burglaries. Despite other scientific laws (Conservation of Mass, anyone?) being conveniently forgotten by the virtual “reality” game, this particular law had held strong. The guards at the Tower of Mastery, working in spite of Marine Day, solidified her faith in the principle.

Originally, Karin had come to Kalos to catch a Hydreigon in Victory Road. However, she had found and captured one (“Tetsuhiro”, she had named him) faster than she had expected. Feeling that she had some time to kill before taking a ship back to the Kanto-Johto continent, she decided to “join in” on the Marine Day festivities in Shalour. Meaning, she had made plans to burglarize the Tower of Mastery.

It was the perfect plan—the town was practically barren, as most everyone was down at the shoreside festivities. The only exceptions were the Tower of Mastery’s guards, but they were stumbling about like a swarm of Spinda. Sure, Team Galactic had been a surprise—Karin had no clue what their aim was. However, the voice on the intercom made it seem like they were causing a ruckus, which made entry even easier for her.

Karin and Mari (her trusty Liepard) practically waltzed up to the room of the “treasure”. There, she was confronted by a red-headed Galactic Grunt and her Drifloon. As the top member of Indigo Plateau’s Elite Four, and undoubtedly one of the game’s strongest players, the burglar was not impressed. Nor was Mari, whose eyes narrowed in contempt towards the pair.

“Did the lack of a uniform give it away? You don’t seem very much like a guard yourself, grunt,” Karin said coldly, beginning to step around Mars with disinterest. “I’m not here to save the city from your plans or anything, so just ignore me. I have my own business to take care of.”

  “I’m sure you know who we are, and trust me you don’t want us behind your tail.” Mars had begun making a habit out of hiding behind Team Galactic in order to feel more secure. The truth is Mars doesn’t really feel like part of the team. 

"This is Galactic business and I’m not here alone. Why don’t you leave and I might not hurt you." Empty threats. But if it gets the job done, then it’s enough. "Sure you could deal with me by yourself but not the rest of Team Galactic." I may be just a grunt but I’m not expendable. 

  Mars opens up her menu to see if her face matched any of the ones in Galactic archives. The screen shows a picture of the woman standing in front of Mars and a name beside it. 

Name: Karin

Occupations: Indigo League Elite Four

Must be higher rank to access further information. 

Then what’s the point! Mars is a bit irritated but plays it cool. 

"Karin, huh? Since when does the Elite Four commit crime?" As she says that she can hear a sound coming from downstairs. Steps, someone’s coming. “Never mind that, come with me if you don’t wanna get screwed over.” 

The guards run into the balcony. “FREEZE!" Mars grabs Karin by the arm.

"Drifloon, Flash!" A surge of light appears blinding the guards. Mars returns Drifloon to his pokeball and jumps from the balcony still holding onto Karin. She then throws Drifloon’s pokeball to the ground below them and the pokemon inflates catching the two girls. Mars is silent she just did something perceived as weak. If the the superiors find out about this. 

"Be quiet." They hide behind a rock by right side of the tower. The loud festivities won’t allow Mars to think straight. "Karin, are you a fighter?" 

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Seeing this girl, still unnamed most likely out of her own rudeness and unfathomable need to be unruly, though her thinly veiled attempts at showing herself defiant were cute in a sort of juvenile way, Olympia couldn’t help but sigh inwardly at the thought that they would be under the same roof, even if for a few moments. Walking onward until she reaches the pokemon center, she sees the girl again, but she does not know that Olympia has arrived, Olympia takes this chance to try to enter the building undetected.

This girl… Not much good can come of associating with her, Olympia thinks to herself, Someone so unsettled only begets more disruption. 

  Mars continues to think of what to do about what Bob said. She could get promoted but Mars doesn’t realize that that could do her good. Mars passes by Olympia without noticing her. Mars opens the doors and looks outside.

"Where did she go?" She turns around to see if she had entered without Mars noticing it but she’s not there. "That woman is creepy…." 

"Hey!" She says as she approaches a PC that seems a bit out of it. "Did a woman with purple hair and a long cape walk by. She had a nice figure but looked a little older." 

"Yeah…." Mars gets excited. "IN MY DREAMS!!!! Get away from me, you stupid gaxy!" 

At that moment she felt like someone punched her in the gut. Stupid gaxy. A derogatory term that Mars knew she’d eventually hear but…. not so soon. She sits down to process what happened then stands up.

The man continues to talk to the other one next to him quietly.

"I bet she had to kill her own family to join." 

"I bet she enjoyed it." The other man adds. 

She won’t be pushed around. She walks up to the man and grabs him by the collar.  

"Listen here, you piece of shit. You don’t know me, and you don’t want to insult my family. Now if you don’t want Team Galactic behind your asses I suggest you walk out of here and keep walking." She pushes him back on his chair. The man stands up and flees out of the Pokemon Center.  Now… where did that woman go?

(Source: red-galaxy)

OOC- I screwed up!

So I realized I made a big poo poo. What I mean by this is that I just remembered that back in “Good Night- Giovanni/Mars” I made Glameow learn Shadow Claw…. by leveling up! When glameow can only learn it by TM. I have screwed up in the pokemon level department so bad. I’ll try to fix it as much as I can. UGGH!!! Sorry, guys. 

OOC- Headcanon updates!

Name: Mars 


Relatives: Venus (younger sister)

Backstory: Mars was a college freshman, she was studying human psychology. Both her and her sister, Venus, joined the game. They were separated and Mars is trying to get her back. 

The story thus far:

 Started in Johto. Met Giovanni and developed a strong bond. Was captured by Team Rocket and then saved by Giovanni who is the ex-leader of Team Rocket. 

 She later meets a mysterious man and fights him to the death. Giovanni later goes to the future, aided by the power of Celebi. He meets the Mars from 2 years into the future and tears are shed. He eventually returns and Mars abandons her only friend. 
"To protect him."

  In  Canalave City, Sinnoh she meets a girl named Chiko and they go to Jubilife City where they begin developing a ‘frenemy’-like relationship. Chiko witnesses Mars kill a grunt and Mars suspects that Team Galactic doesn’t trust Chiko. She manages to lose Chiko and heads to Floarama Town. 

 In Floarama Town she begins having strange dreams and meets a boy named Lucas and begin traveling on a quest together. 

 Current Party:

Glameow: Female 

Ability: Own Tempo

Beginning Pokemon

Known Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Claw, Bounce, Attract. 

Golbat: Male

Ability: Inner Focus

Caught in Dark Cave during the “Good Night: Giovanni/Mars” story. Evolved some time after  ”FIRST ENCOUNTER- Mars/Olympia.”

Known Moves: Supersonic, Steel Wing, Poison Fang, Double Team.

Flaaffy: Female 

Ability: Static 

Caught as a Mareep in Route 32 during the “Good Night: Giovanni/Mars” story. Evolved after defeating the Canalave City Gym during the “Adventures in Sinnoh” story. 

Known Moves: Electro Ball, Brick Break, Protect, Discharge.        

Drifloon: Male 

Ability: Aftermath

Caught sometime between “FIRST ENCOUNTER Mars/Olympia” and “______ learned TM46! (Marine Day) Mars/Karin” in  Valley Windworks. 

Known Moves: Shadow Ball, Constrict, Flash, Will-O-Wisp

Other Pokemon: 

Flabébé- Female

Ability is unknown. 

A Pokemon that accompanied Mars and Lucas as part of a quest during “Valley of Dreams.” She enjoyed resting on Mars’ hair and playing around.

None of this Pokemon’s moves are currently known. 


Mars learned TM46! (Marine Day)- Mars/Karin

3 months after FIRST ENCOUNTER. 

Marine Day, to everybody else it’s a fun way to forget about the game. To Mars it’s a reminder that her sister is still lost. The last thing they did before entering this hell was go to a beach. The beach they went to was quite similar to the one she is standing on. Shalour City, the city of awakening. 

  Mars isn’t here to enjoy the festivities, and if she was she would probably go somewhere else. This is strict Team Galactic business. Her object to steal a certain item found within the Tower of Mastery. She returns back to the Pokemon Center with two grunts she had to take with her. Her slightly higher rank of Lv3 Grunt gives her more respect along the ranks but no actual power. 

  Night falls and Mars regroups with Bob and Jim.

"Okay, Jim, don’t follow us, distract the guards while Bob and I go in through the balcony." 

"Don’t tell me what to do." 

"I’m telling you what not to do.”

"Whatever, you guys go. Don’t screw it up!" Jim says. 

  Mars and Bob walk to the shore by the right side of the tower. They quietly sneak across until they see another guard. He must be intoxicated because he seems a bit out of it. They still have to get rid of him. 

"What do we do, Mars?" 


 A voice can be heard over the guard’s comm. “I’m gonna need some backup by the entrance. We have a Galactic grunt causing some disturbances.” The guard walks over to the entrance, Mars and Bob hide behind some large boulders as he passes them. They are aligned with the balcony. 

"Go, Drifloon." Mar’s Drifloon come out and wraps his arms around Mars’ shoulders. "Let’s go." She says as they begin floating up. "Bob, you stand guard." 

"I thought I was gonna go with you?" 

"Well, we can’t be too careful. Don’t go running around to enjoy the festivities." 

  Mars reaches the balcony, it’s guard-free. They must have gone to deal with Jim. She sees a display covered by cream colored cover. Drifloon lets her go and she approaches her target.  She sees someone approach from the opened door that leads to the tower. Drifloon, who is still out of his Pokeball gets closer to his trainer. She sees a woman with long blue hair. Mars approaches her. “I’m assuming you’re not one of the guards.” 

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