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So I realized I made a big poo poo. What I mean by this is that I just remembered that back in “Good Night- Giovanni/Mars” I made Glameow learn Shadow Claw…. by leveling up! When glameow can only learn it by TM. I have screwed up in the pokemon level department so bad. I’ll try to fix it as much as I can. UGGH!!! Sorry, guys. 

OOC- Headcanon updates!

Name: Mars 


Relatives: Venus (younger sister)

Backstory: Mars was a college freshman, she was studying human psychology. Both her and her sister, Venus, joined the game. They were separated and Mars is trying to get her back. 

The story thus far:

 Started in Johto. Met Giovanni and developed a strong bond. Was captured by Team Rocket and then saved by Giovanni who is the ex-leader of Team Rocket. 

 She later meets a mysterious man and fights him to the death. Giovanni later goes to the future, aided by the power of Celebi. He meets the Mars from 2 years into the future and tears are shed. He eventually returns and Mars abandons her only friend. 
"To protect him."

  In  Canalave City, Sinnoh she meets a girl named Chiko and they go to Jubilife City where they begin developing a ‘frenemy’-like relationship. Chiko witnesses Mars kill a grunt and Mars suspects that Team Galactic doesn’t trust Chiko. She manages to lose Chiko and heads to Floarama Town. 

 In Floarama Town she begins having strange dreams and meets a boy named Lucas and begin traveling on a quest together. 

 Current Party:

Glameow: Female 

Ability: Own Tempo

Beginning Pokemon

Known Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Claw, Bounce, Attract. 

Golbat: Male

Ability: Inner Focus

Caught in Dark Cave during the “Good Night: Giovanni/Mars” story. Evolved some time after  ”FIRST ENCOUNTER- Mars/Olympia.”

Known Moves: Supersonic, Steel Wing, Poison Fang, Double Team.

Flaaffy: Female 

Ability: Static 

Caught as a Mareep in Route 32 during the “Good Night: Giovanni/Mars” story. Evolved after defeating the Canalave City Gym during the “Adventures in Sinnoh” story. 

Known Moves: Electro Ball, Brick Break, Protect, Discharge.        

Drifloon: Male 

Ability: Aftermath

Caught sometime between “FIRST ENCOUNTER Mars/Olympia” and “______ learned TM46! (Marine Day) Mars/Karin” in  Valley Windworks. 

Known Moves: Shadow Ball, Constrict, Flash, Will-O-Wisp

Other Pokemon: 

Flabébé- Female

Ability is unknown. 

A Pokemon that accompanied Mars and Lucas as part of a quest during “Valley of Dreams.” She enjoyed resting on Mars’ hair and playing around.

None of this Pokemon’s moves are currently known. 


______ learned TM46! (Marine Day)- Mars/Karin

3 months after FIRST ENCOUNTER. 

Marine Day, to everybody else it’s a fun way to forget about the game. To Mars it’s a reminder that her sister is still lost. The last thing they did before entering this hell was go to a beach. The beach they went to was quite similar to the one she is standing on. Shalour City, the city of awakening. 

  Mars isn’t here to enjoy the festivities, and if she was she would probably go somewhere else. This is strict Team Galactic business. Her object to steal a certain item found within the Tower of Mastery. She returns back to the Pokemon Center with two grunts she had to take with her. Her slightly higher rank of Lv3 Grunt gives her more respect along the ranks but no actual power. 

  Night falls and Mars regroups with Bob and Jim.

"Okay, Jim, don’t follow us, distract the guards while Bob and I go in through the balcony." 

"Don’t tell me what to do." 

"I’m telling you what not to do.”

"Whatever, you guys go. Don’t screw it up!" Jim says. 

  Mars and Bob walk to the shore by the right side of the tower. They quietly sneak across until they see another guard. He must be intoxicated because he seems a bit out of it. They still have to get rid of him. 

"What do we do, Mars?" 


 A voice can be heard over the guard’s comm. “I’m gonna need some backup by the entrance. We have a Galactic grunt causing some disturbances.” The guard walks over to the entrance, Mars and Bob hide behind some large boulders as he passes them. They are aligned with the balcony. 

"Go, Drifloon." Mar’s Drifloon come out and wraps his arms around Mars’ shoulders. "Let’s go." She says as they begin floating up. "Bob, you stand guard." 

"I thought I was gonna go with you?" 

"Well, we can’t be too careful. Don’t go running around to enjoy the festivities." 

  Mars reaches the balcony, it’s guard-free. They must have gone to deal with Jim. She sees a display covered by cream colored cover. Drifloon lets her go and she approaches her target.  She sees someone approach from the opened door that leads to the tower. Drifloon, who is still out of his Pokeball gets closer to his trainer. She sees a woman with long blue hair. Mars approaches her. “I’m assuming you’re not one of the guards.” 



"Who am I? Who are you to stalk me in the middle of the night and then insist on interrogating me? And a team galactic member as well, if anything I should be asking who you are, I would but I already know. You are just a lost young girl,” Olympia steps closer to Mars to examine her further, ” Yes, you are lost, you look like you’ve been knocked off course and trying desperately to find another path to take.”

Olympia didn’t have time for this girl’s nonsense and so she turned to continue her walk full of stars. There was something about this girl that got to Olympia, something that gnawed at her. Something about her seemed familiar, she felt responsible for this girl.

 ”I am going to the pokemon center, and you shouldn’t walk alone at such hours.”

  “Aren’t you kinda doing the same thing?” Mars crosses her arms as she says this. 

  She watches as the purple haired woman ignores her and proceeds to walk towards the Pokemon Center. She walks ahead faster and gets to the Pokemon center first. In the Pokemon Center she sees a familiar face. A galactic grunt she meet a while ago.

"Bob?" She asks him. The grunt turns around.

"Mars! How are you? Can I help you with anything?" 

"I’m fine, thanks." She pauses. "Actually…"

"What is it?"

"This has to be quick!" Mars grabs him and they go to a table. "I ran into this mysterious woman she looks 40-something and has purple hair. Ring a bell?"

"You’re gonna have to be more specific." 

"Umm… She had these, uh, hoop things around her arms and-"

"Wait! I think I may now who you’re talking about." There’s a silence. "Aren’t you gonna ask me who?"

"Ugh! Who?"

"I don’t remember her name but one of the gym leaders in Kalos does fit your description." 

"So what? Do I spy on her?"

"It’d be interesting to get data on her."

"I’ve never deceived someone." 

"That’s not what I’ve heard." He says in a sing-song voice. 

"What have you heard?” 

"You’re friend, Chiko? We’re looking for her."

"She’s NOT my friend!” People direct their attention to Mars. 

"Good, don’t be a traitor." Bob whispers as he stands up and walks away. As he walks outside the mysterious woman walks in. 

(Source: red-galaxy)

OOC- The Event

I’m so excited for the event. This could be a chance to get back in my feet and continue RPing like the good old’ days. Unlike most people here I don’t usually do multiple RPs at once until now when Lucas went into hiatus. So I’m really trying, just not as hard as before… (Sorry). I can’t wait to see who I get paired with. We can write smut! :D

BTW gojikapsychic is out on a college trip (I think) she’ll be back the 18th. Coincidence? Maybe. Oh, and me and her know each other in real life, that’s how I know. I promise I’m not a stalker. O.o 


Two days after Valley of Dreams.

  Mars wakes up in her Pokemon Center bed. She touches her head to look for Flabébé but then remembers that the quest is over. Flabébé left and so did Lucas. She opens her menu and sees the time 23:54.

She stands up and gets dressed, thinking that maybe a walk will do her good. The streets of Castelia City are beautiful to her, she walks by the docks and gazes at the stars, there aren’t that many. She notices a few stars in the distance, by the horizon. They move.

"What the hell?" Mars says as she follows the mysterious creature. The thought of it being a Pokemon crosses her mind but she’s almost sure it’s a person.

The hooded person walks out of the the docks and picks up the pace, so does Mars. The mysterious person turns into an alley and Mars follows. She turns and sees nothing but some virtual garbage.

"Where did they go?" Mars turns around to return to the Pokemon center but behind her is a violet haired middle-aged lady.

"I see that you are following me, what a curious young girl."

"I wasn’t following you, old lady. Who are you, anyway?”

OOC- I’m back


So, I missed quite a few things. I tried to get a hiatus but it must have not gotten to vro, but that doesn’t matter now because I’m back now. I’m still thinking of taking another muse and maybe dropping Mars but IF I drop her I still wanna finish her story. Anyways… yay!!! 

Don’t worry, I’ve kinda become attached to Mars and VRO. So you’ll see a lot of me as her for a while. (and call me possessive but if I drop her then someone else will get her and that’d physically feel weird :P)  image

OOC- I’m back

So, I missed quite a few things. I tried to get a hiatus but it must have not gotten to vro, but that doesn’t matter now because I’m back now. I’m still thinking of taking another muse and maybe dropping Mars but IF I drop her I still wanna finish her story. Anyways… yay!!! 

Valley of Dreams - Mars/Lucas


"Nah, he’ll wait a thousand years if I ask him.  I’m his most valued customer."  Lucas flashed her a grin before circumventing the twins.  They’d quickly returned to their pre-programmed spot and ignored the pair as they passed by.  "And besides, I would just rough him a bit later on if he did ditch us."  He rolled up his sleeves and attempted to make an intimidating face.


"Although he’d probably just laugh at me if I told him that."  Lucas led Mars out of Floaroma Town down Route 204.  "We just have to get to Route 218, his boat can get us to the ocean through there.  Which means we just have to get through Jubilife City."

  “Sounds great!” Mars exclaims with a smile. “It shouldn’t take long so that’s good.” She feels as if that fight set them back and begins to pick up her pace. “Come on, Slowpoke, we need to make up for lost time.” 

  Mars begins to run ahead and reaches Jubilife City. She looks back to notice that Lucas isn’t there. Crap! I lost him. When she was little her mom used to tell her that if she ever got lost to find a cop and get help. Sadly, all the cops here suck, they’re either lame NPCs or pathetic PCs. Some of the PC gym leaders served as beacons of justice, but not many. Mars doesn’t blame them, after all it’s a game.

Games are meant to be won. 

"Lucas!" She shouts. "Dang it! Where is he?" 

  She sees a poketch billboard when she gets the crazies idea. Maybe I can see him from higher up, and if I can’t then I’m sure he’ll notice me. She runs to the building closest to the billboard. The guard at the entrance stops her.  

"Where do you think you’re going, missy?" 

"Get out of my way, this isn’t a private building." 

"It is, I was told to keep this building secure?"

"By who?" 

"Team Rocket!" 

Crap! What do I say, now? "I was sent here." 

"Really? By who?" 

"Giovanni!" Mars exclaims. 

"Who’s him?" 

"He’s the ex-leader of your little organization." 

The man turns on his communication device. “Hey, boss. Do you know anyone named Giovanni?” There was silence on the other end, then shouting. 

"Looks like you can pass." The guard later murmurs something that sounds like ‘stupid galactic’ but Mars doesn’t fully catch it. 

  She realizes that it’s dangerous being here, specially being from Team Galactic. The are a dozen grunts in the first floor but the elevator is just a few feet away. She steps in and presses the top floor button. The elevator stops in the 5th floor, a guy wearing a labcoat appears. 

"Galactic!" Crap! The man presses a red button attached to the wall. 


Five grunts surround her and they all throw out their Pokemon. 

"Okay, fine. I’m not gonna be the victim here! Go, Flaaffy, use Discharge!"It hits them all but one of the grunts commands his Klang to use Hyper Beam and Mars dodges out of the way but it destroys the elevator. She hides behind a computer and sees a weird diamond-looking item and taps it to examine it. 

Adamant Orb. 

 There is a larger description but Mars doesn’t have time to read it so she just picks it up. A flamethrower burns her arm which was just barely sticking out from behind the system. “Aggh!” She runs to the the glass wall facing the street. Another Hyper Beam approaches. It sends both her, and Flaaffy flying out of the shattered glass wall half conscious.

(Source: red-galaxy)

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