Mars learned TM46! (Marine Day)- Mars/Karin


At first, Karin watched Mars speak without even a marginal degree of enthusiasm. Even so, she did not actually despise Mars on a personal level. Victory Road Online had spawned masses of histrionic derelicts, and the veteran thief had become desensitized to them. She only felt that Mars was too inexperienced and too good-natured to be a decent criminal. Because of the fact that the involvement of these flaws hindered the burglar’s exploits, she sought to bail on the redhead as quickly as possible. It was a purely pragmatic decision.

This changed the very moment that Mars proposed to treat her. The bluenette’s eyes sparked with a newfound interest. Being as much of an expert at mooching as she was at thievery, Karin was absolutely willing to accept the “apology” of sorts—after all, there was nothing she really cared to blame Mars for in the first place. Fun was not really her thing, but free stuff was. The once-unappealing festival nearby had suddenly become a complementary, all-you-can-eat buffet. The 21-year-old had no qualms about draining the Team Galactic member’s wallet, given how incredibly stunted her conscience was.

It was too good to be true, though—in the sentence following her proposition, Mars attempted to pin a commitment onto Karin. The professional thief strictly avoided signing her life off to any cause, let alone that of education. Mars could offer to pay her with a country per session—the deal would still not be worth the bluenette’s precious freedom.

Guarantee my safety? When you can’t even guarantee your own? Karin thought, That’s priceless. Despite having a stoic exterior, she was chuckling on the inside. Mars’s tone and expression, however, indicated sincerity. Not wanting to provoke the wrath of Team Galactic, and still hoping for a free dinner, the Elite Four member chose to respond quite indirectly.

“You’ve got the wrong idea on a lot of things, Grunt,” Karin sighed. She did not say “grunt” with malice—she simply did not know the redhead’s name, nor did she care to ask. “You’ve only been a criminal for a few months, right? Of course you’re shitty right now—you’re a rookie. You’re on the right track, though. You can only get better through experience, so just give it a decade or so,” she said lackadaisically. This was not a conversation she ever thought she would be having.

“But, then again… crime isn’t for people with that kind of emotional baggage. And it’s not gonna help you reach your goals, either—unless those goals are money, power, and glory,” Karin said. “If you want to protect the people you care about, then just become a stronger trainer. Going rogue is only going to get you and your loved ones killed.”

  “A decade?! I’m not sure I even want to stay trapped her that long.” Mars is offended by Karin’s words but she doesn’t want her to know that she still wants her to teach her. “I won’t let myself take that long, I’m stronger than that! I’m… fucking stronger than that! Don’t you say I have emotional baggage because…” The thought of her sister rises and she begins to get teary eyed but she wipes them off. 
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…"

  “Come on, let’s go to before all the good deals run out.” She says with a smile. “By the way I’m Mars.” There’s an awkward silence as they walk through the crowd. “If you’re curious about why I reacted that way was because a few months ago Team Galactic ‘drugged’ me.” They gave her an antidote afterwards but it eventually kicked back again some days it’s like she doesn’t have it at all, those are her good days, other days it’s like she’s two different people. 

"They hacked into my personal data and made my emotional system a bit… well, you get the point. Why am I telling you this? You probably think I’m a weirdo."  

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Valley of Dreams - Mars/Lucas


Lucas laid in bed for quite awhile before finally deciding to sleep.  He swiped through his menu to check up on his messages (that he rarely remembered to respond to) and to give any new contact requests a once over.  Nothing interesting going on there; he rolled to his side and closed out his menu as he let out a loud yawn.  

Getting the chance to get a whole nights sleep two nights in a row was a rare blessing, but it didn’t sit well with him for some reason.  He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the weird feeling in his stomach as he drifted to sleep.


The last thing Lucas wanted to do was get up, but unfortunately he didn’t have much of a choice.  He managed to drag himself out of bed and down to the PokeCenter lobby to meet up with Mars.  As he trudged towards one of the couches he noticed Mars waiting around for him by the door.  Curses, I was hoping she’d take longer so I could nap.


"Uh.  Sssmorning Mars."  His head dropped lazily to one side as he closed his eyes for a second.  "What time is it?"

  Mars keeps thinking of Chiko, they didn’t know each other for a long time but there was something about that blue haired girl that makes Mars curious. Why was Team Galactic after her? As she finishes that thought Lucas walks over, well,  if you call mindlessly walking like a half asleep zombie ‘walking’. 

 He greets her to which she replies with an automatic ‘Hi’. Mars isn’t focused right now, so we have a girl who is daydreaming and a boy who is dreaming dreaming. She then notices Lucas’ drowsiness and hears his next question. “The time? 11:34.”  Mars doesn’t want to force him but if she keeps on waiting and falls asleep as well she might have another nightmare. 

  “Come on! It’s a whole new day!” Seeing as he still didn’t react Mars remembers a thing Lucas said about having trouble with some grunts. Now, what organization was it? 

"Lucas! Team Magma is here!"   

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Valley of Dreams - Mars/Lucas


"Sleep?  Uh, well…"  Lucas rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.  He was so used to just rushing from one area to the next he rarely allotted himself time to sleep.  "Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.  Get rested up for the journey tomorrow."  He stretched his arms and yawned, blinking lazily.  Actually he hadn’t noticed how tired he was until Mars mentioned it.


"Yeah, I’m so ready to crash.  Do you want to sleep in the PokeCenter or would you rather sleep outside again?"  Personally Lucas didn’t care either way.  But being the cheapskate he is, if Mars was good with sleeping outside he’d definitely prefer it.

  Mars almost decided she would rather go sleep outside but they were in a town and this wasn’t Floarama Town. Wouldn’t it look weird?  "How about we stay inside and I pay for your room as a way to make it up to you." Before Lucas could accept or decline the offer Mars was already in the counter. "I’m not taking no as an answer."

"My room is right next to yours so if you need anything…"  She says with a smile. 


In her room she begins to sleep and once again, just like before heads to her valley of dreams.

  Instead of seeing the man she sees a girl with long blue hair. Mars begins walking to her and approaches the girl. The girl is wearing a white dress reaching her knees.  ” Venus? Venus, is that you?” She begins calling her sister’s real name. She puts a hand to her shoulder and turns her around. It’s not Venus and she’s not wearing a long white dress. It’s that girl from before, with curly blue hair. 


"Did you know they were a PC?" 




Mars jumps up from her bed screaming. She is in the Pokemon Center, it’s daylight. She is still in her regular outfit since she was too tired to change last night. She heads down to the lobby and patiently waits for Lucas. 

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Valley of Dreams - Mars/Lucas


"Right, right, good plan."  Lucas had no clue what she was planning but he figured it would be the best just to roll with it.  Mars spoke with the bartender before purchasing something.  This is no time for shopping!  Before Lucas had the chance to chastise Mars the Rocket grunts came barreling around the corner.  Oh shi-


"Mars we gotta go."  She released Flaaffy and healed it up before dragging him out of the cafe, making sure to stun the grunts and their Pokemon first.  As they made their great escape from Jubilife City - good riddance - Lucas finally decided he could slow down a take a breath.

He put his hands on his knees and shook his head, feeling a little dizzy.  ”Ah, he’s not too far.  Probably a twenty minute walk.  Maybe less.”  He straightened up again and pointed in the general direction they needed to challenge.  ”So yeah, just start walking that way I guess.”

    “Perfect.” Mars says. “I’m really sorry I got you into trouble.” They continue to walk until they they reach Sandgem Town. They head to a Pokemon Center and heal up their pokemon. Mars sits down and waits for Lucas to get done. “So where exactly is your friend?” She asks. 

 She looks out the window and notices that the sun is already setting. “Do you want to sleep and continue tomorrow?These next weeks are gonna be tough.”


 No matter what happened during that time she knew that she eventually had to forget about Lucas. 

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Valley of Dreams - Mars/Lucas


Lucas raised his eyebrows as the cat Pokemon waltz up next to him.  ”Uh, h-”  The Glameow catapulted him into the air allowing Mars to grab him and pull him to the roof.  ”I-I.  W-What?”  Lucas barely had time to recover before the Rocket Grunts were clambering up the nearest fire escape.  There was only one way out of this, and it was some serious parkour.


"This is about to get serious.  Seriously cool."  Lucas hopped to his feet and motioned for Mars to run after him.  "Okay, so I’ve never actually tried this before but I’ve watched a lot of movies where they did this so I think I got the hang of it."  He sped up and kicked himself off the edge of the roof, preparing to barrel roll onto the next roof.

Instead, missing and smashing into a pile of trash in an open dumpster.  I honestly don’t know why I thought that’d work.  ”Never mind Mars, don’t do that it was a stupid idea.”  He slid out of the dumpster and waved his arms to catch her attention.  ”There’s a cafe right here we can hide in, hurry up!”

Mars quickly climbs down to Lucas’ side and they walk in to the café. “Stand watch by the window, I’ll be back.”  Mars walks up to the counter and talks to one of the employees. “Hey, I’d like a Moomoo Milk please.”  

"Just one?" The man wearing the butler uniform asks. Mars looks back at Lucas who is still guarding the entrance. 

"Make it a dozen." 

"That’ll be P6000."  

She opens up here menu and they make the transaction. 

You have received Moomoo Milk x 12. 

  Mars sends out her Flaaffy and uses a Moomoo Milk on her. She sees how her HP bar goes all the way back to the green. She walks up to Lucas and pulls him outside. The grunts see them and they begin to run. “Flaaffy, use discharge!” The grunts and their pokemon are electrocuted. 

"That’ll slow them down for a while." They make it out out of Jubilife City. "How far away did you say your friend was?" 

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Valley of Dreams - Mars/Lucas


"U-uh I mean yeah.  But really you need to get to the PokeCenter or something.  Your Flaaffy didn’t look too hot."  Lucas led her by the elbow to get her out of the crowd.  He attempted to ignore the crude comments they were all making, but some of them were just out of line.  Before he could even make a retort, Mars shouted for him to run.


"What?!  I’m not ditching you after I spent all that time trying to find you."  He yanked on her arm and sprinted towards one of the back alleyways.  They skidded around the corner and Lucas pushed Mars into a slit between two dumpsters before running off.  Hopefully she doesn’t come after me, as long as I ca-

"Hey!  You kid, stop right there!"  Lucas squealed before kicking it into high gear.  In a serious attempt to throw off his pursuers he zigzagged in and out the convoluted connection of alleyways.  Unfortunately he hadn’t been paying very good attention as to where he was going because he quickly cornered himself.

"There you are.  Don’t you try to run off like that again…"  Lucas slowly turned around to face the Rocket Grunts that stood before him.

"H-hey guys.  Fancy seeing you here, huh?"

"Kid, just tell us where the girl went and you’ll be fine."

"Girl?  What?  I didn’t see any girl.  Heh, you guys are…"  He really needed an escape plan and fast.

Where did he go? Mars walks out of the alleyway she can see some grunts run to the alleyways in the distance. Flabébé, who Mars hadn’t noticed was still there,  points to the fire escape ladder. Mars begins climbing up and finds herself on the roof. If this was a book this would be the part where the reader yells at me for not thinking of this in the first place.

 She can hear some ruckus coming from a distance. She hops from building to building until she is directly below the alleyway where Lucas is being attacked. Some of the grunts have their Pokemon out ready to attack. 

"Look, kid. That girl is serious trouble. Why don’t you let us take care of her for you?" She can hear some of the conversation going on. 

"Go, Glameow!" Glameow appears next to Mars. "Now here’s what I need you to do…*whisper* *whisper*" 

  Glameow gracefully walks down the fire escape ladder. She passes undetected between the guards as they continue to ramble. Glameow walks up to Lucas and stands behind him. She elongates her tail and pushes herself against the ground causing Lucas to fly up where Mars grabs him to the roof. “Glameow, return!” 

"The girl! After her!" 

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OOC- Headcanon Jubilife City

Mars hates Jubilife City. After the thing with Chiko and now with Lucas she is slowly beginning to feel like that city is bad luck. 

Valley of Dreams - Mars/Lucas


Lucas had been babbling for several minutes.  He’d been explaining the complexities of the guide job along with a very lengthy explanation on the hierarchy of jobs in the VRO game-verse when he realized he hadn’t heard a peep from her in quite awhile.  The lack of any affirmation that she was listening (including a yawn or two) forced Lucas to turn around and see that she wasn’t even there anymore.


Was I that boring that she ran off?  Jeez.  He suddenly had the faint memory of her running ahead of him and let his head droop.  I was too caught up in my story that I didn’t even realize she was trying to get me to hurry up.  As he entered Jubilife City and sighed and shook his head.  Somehow it was always this city that he ended up getting ditched in.

Lucas paced up and down the main street in an attempt to think of where she would go.  Mars would’ve noticed by now that he was missing, but would she go ahead to the boat docks or wait around for him in the city.  He smacked his palm against his forehead and groaned.  ”I’m never going to find her like this.”

Several people screamed nearby, making Lucas snap to attention.  A woman pointed towards a building as a person and a Pokemon were blasted out the window by some attack by a Pokemon.  He squealed and jogged closer to the scene.  While the person being attacked wouldn’t be severely injured, if their Pokemon - especially their last Pokemon - was hurt they would need help.

As Lucas drew closer he saw Mars laying on her side next to a Flaaffy.  ”Oh crap!  Mars are you okay?!”  Lucas pushed through the crowd to kneel next to her.

  “Mars” She hears a voice, but can’t reach for it. “are you okay?!” She recognizes it, it’s Lucas. Mars opens her eyes to the sight of Lucas kneeling next to her. There are many people surrounding them whispering and gossiping.

"Is that a galactic member?" A blonde woman wearing a purple dress asks. "Why would a young boy like him be with such a perverse girl?" 

"Do you think they’re dating?" A man with long hair and an union flag shirt asks her. 

Another man with a fedora and a goatee.”That boy looks too young, is it even legal?” 

"Bitch please, laws don’t work the same in here." The blonde says. "I bet he’s a galactic slave. They probably have his friends hostage." 

  Mars begins to pay attention and stands up holding onto Lucas for support. She returns Flaaffy to her pokeball. “Can we please leave?  I don’t feel so well.” 

They begin walking away and she turns around to see the blonde woman. Mars will never forget that face. As she turns around she sees some grunts from earlier come out of the building and look and their eyes meet hers.

"Lucas, run!!" 

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Mars learned TM46! (Marine Day)- Mars/Karin


Upon Mega Evolution, the spindly and rangy build of the Houndoom gained incredible power. While the canine remained slender, his lean muscles became far more pronounced, as well as incredibly well-defined. This improvement was not just for show—the sturdily-structured Mega Houndoom was capable of carrying Karin, Mars, and Mars’s Flaffy, while still maintaining the speed of a racehorse.

The Dark Pokémon reached the edge of the hilltop that the Tower of Mastery stood upon. In truth, the land beneath the property was that of a steep-sided island, only connected to Shalour City’s coast by a lengthy sandbar. From the hilltop’s edge, one could overlook the entirety of the vast frontal garden, right up to the massive surrounding walls and the only entrance (which was along the front wall, of course) to the property. However, the walls were of such a height that nothing could be seen over them, even from the hilltop. As for the entrance, one could only see out of it when at the ground level of the property, due to the hill’s steepness.

Without a hint of hesitation, Kuroma barreled down the steep hillside, leaving the trailing guards well out of sight. Karin, adopting a biker’s crouch, rode the Houndoom as one would ride a motorcycle. Her hands firmly gripped his horns, as if they were throttle grips, while her feet rested upon his curved outer-backbone extensions, like foot pegs.

Feeling how tense the redhead was, Karin silently wondered what could bring such a naive girl to join an evil organization. She most certainly lacked the criminal experience that Karin had—but then again, nearly all of the Victory Road Online players did.

The vast majority of players whom joined the teams had been law-abiding civilians, up until the log-out button’s disappearance. Their reasons for joining varied. Some pined for “safety in numbers”, some took up the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality, some were following their loved ones, some were coerced or even forced, some had become too jaded to function in proper society, etc.

When the grunt asked about her plan, Karin remained expressionless, but was relieved nevertheless. So long as she could control the situation, the burglar was quite certain that she could get them out of this mess.

“Until the guards reach the edge of the hilltop, they won’t be able to see us. However, by the time they reach it, we’ll already be off of the premises. They’ll have to split up their search, because they won’t be able to tell whether we got away or hid somewhere in this giant grove. Though a few may end up patrolling the town, for the most part, they’ll give up. Especially since we didn’t even get away with anything,” said Karin, publicizing her resentment with the last statement.

As Karin had predicted, the guard posted at the entrance was absent—he or she was likely dealing with the rest of Mar’s squad. Karin craned her neck around as they came within strides of the entrance. She smirked—as expected, not a single guard had managed to reach the hilltop’s edge.

Though the entrance to the Tower of Mastery and the sandbar’s Marine Day festivities were only a few dozen meters apart, the cover of darkness concealed the fleeing criminals. Upon passing through the entrance, Karin significantly tightened her grip upon the Mega Houndoom’s left horn. This immediately directed Kuroma, mid-stride, to careen around the left corner of the entrance. They moved westwards on a barren, narrow beach, which ran alongside the island’s outer wall. As Kuroma ran, he dragged his tail back and forth across the ground, erasing any paw prints he left behind. Upon reaching two huge boulders, Kuroma leaped over them, not even breaking his stride. During the leap, Karin faintly pulled back on Kuroma’s horns. This led the Pokémon to skid to a halt upon landing.

The boulders exceeded seven feet in height. Between the darkness, the wall, and the aforementioned boulders, the fugitives and their Pokémon were entirely obscured from view. Their location was directly across from Shalour City’s cliff-side. Looking eastwards (the direction from which the four had just fled), one could clearly see the Marine Day festivities, which covered the entirety of the beach and its sandbar extension.

  Wow! Mars was amazed by Karin, her ability to solve this, her attitude towards the situation. Mars, on the other hand, only managed to almost kill them. An idea pops into her head, but she rather push it down until it is appropriate. Karin, the Elite Four member. Someone of her caliber and she’s committing crime. What could have caused her to turn out like this?

 ”Hey, Karin. I know that I was trying to be tough and everything but I just wanted to say that since they already know that people are gonna try to steal it and they’re most likely gonna relocate the object….”   Mars stops for a second. “I’d like to make it up to you. We can go enjoy the festivities and I’ll pay for anything you want. But I’d also like for you to teach me.” 

  Mars could already feel Karin turning her down. “It’s just that you were really cool out there and I have goals I wanna reach. People that I care about and I feel like I can’t do anything. Team Galactic’s instructors are great but you, you’re better…”  Before Karin answered Mars said something once again. 

"If you teach me I’ll guarantee your safety once I become commander. Just teach me how to be a thief." 

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OOC- Headcanon Family ties.

Mars’ father was an astronomer and he used to own a telescope. Her favorite thing to watch was the planet Mars while her sister enjoyed Venus. 

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